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Hello guys,

I recently bought myself a new suit and I am now really worried that it doesn't fit well at all. It was quite expensive (given my budget, at least) so it's bugging me quite a bit.

I tried on a few different jackets and after much deliberation decided to go with a 38 over the 36. I think the main reason I went for the 38 was the arms seemed rather short on the 36. Anyway, I went for the 38 and had the arm length slightly reduced.

I'm not a very good shopper and tend to feel pressured into buying clothes quite often; oh how I wish I'd just left empty-handed. It feels a bit roomy in the chest (the 36 felt pretty good) but I can almost live with that, my main problem is that the jacket comes down past the bottom of my buttocks by around two inches, and when standing with my arms and fingers straight it comes to the knuckle of my middle finger.

Obviously I can't take it back as I've had it altered. I've been checking out other guys all day [:I] and it seems long in comparison, and I found it more awkward to sit in than my other jackets.

How bad does this sound to you? I really can't afford to replace it but if I'm being tailed by the fashion police I suppose I'm best knowing about it.
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