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Jacket Fit Check

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Wanted to get some fit opinions, posting this in a couple different places. This is the burgundy velvet dinner jacket I picked up from J Crew recently during the sale. I'm typically a 38R in most brands, but ordered a 39R and 40R in this, since it's their Ludlow fit.

Clothing Trousers Suit trousers Outerwear Dress shirt

Clothing Trousers Suit trousers Outerwear Dress shirt

39R fits a bit better in the chest (slimmer), but I guess I want extra sets of eyes on it to make sure it fits okay everywhere else

Worth noting- I actually have last year's navy in size 40R (it was the only size available), and that has worked fine. Since I had the option this year to try a 39R, I went ahead and decided to try both. Both technically fit, I'm just looking for the better fit between the two.
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40 has my vote.

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