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Jacket Fit Check

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Wanted to get some fit opinions, posting this in a couple different places. This is the burgundy velvet dinner jacket I picked up from J Crew recently during the sale. I'm typically a 38R in most brands, but ordered a 39R and 40R in this, since it's their Ludlow fit.

Clothing Trousers Suit trousers Outerwear Dress shirt

Clothing Trousers Suit trousers Outerwear Dress shirt

39R fits a bit better in the chest (slimmer), but I guess I want extra sets of eyes on it to make sure it fits okay everywhere else

Worth noting- I actually have last year's navy in size 40R (it was the only size available), and that has worked fine. Since I had the option this year to try a 39R, I went ahead and decided to try both. Both technically fit, I'm just looking for the better fit between the two.
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Thanks for all the feedback folks. Based on comments I’ve received here and elsewhere, when I get home today I’ll take some full body shots, as well as back and side. I appreciate y’alls input!
New pics. I think I've made a decision, but I want to hear feedback to see if it matches what I was thinking.

Outerwear Dress shirt Neck Fashion Sleeve
Jeans Outerwear Shoulder Leg Textile
Jeans Trousers Outerwear Leg Neck

Jeans Outerwear Dress shirt Sleeve Standing
Outerwear Sleeve Textile Collar Street fashion
Jeans Outerwear Shoulder Neck Waist

Interestingly, these were the measurements:

Shoulder- 18"
Chest- 20.5"
Length (BOC)- 30"

Shoulder- 18.5"
Chest- 21"
Length- 29.75" (!)

My 40R from last year:
Shoulder- 18"
Chest- 21"
Length- 30"

Admittedly, whichever I keep will need to be pressed
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How does it feel when you raise your arms? Both look tight in the upper back and lower back, and upper sleeves.

It reminds me of my first suit I bought, I now loathe that thing.
Not tight at all, actually- the pic of the back surprised me when I saw it. Both need to be pressed after being folded in the box, so I imagine that's part of it
That quickly turned almost unanimous lol.

I really appreciate everyone's feedback, I ended up staying with the 40R- I tried it on last night and just kind of knew. For those wondering about J Crew consistency, I took more measurements of it last night, and it is 30" from BOC and a touch over 18" at the shoulders- I don't know why it was so different before, but I had the jacket flat on the floor this time.

I tried it on with a thinner shirt (similar to my tux shirt) and slimmer pants, which I thought helped the outfit look more balanced:
Jeans Trousers Outerwear Fashion Neck

(A word on the pants, because I know someone is going to say it- I was just testing them to see what a slimmer pant would look like. These are from one of my Spier & MacKay suits and the hem was tailored for no break with oxfords, not low vamp slippers).

I've received several comments about how the jacket could stand to gain an inch or so (even though it does cover my but and hit my thumb knuckle). I agree, and J Crew does make a 40L. However, I have a concern that a long would drop the already-low button stance even lower. It's kind of a moot point since they've been sold out of this jacket for a while now.

Anyways, thanks all for your feedback and comments!

Edit- and for those asking about the slippers, they're Del Toro. The slippers are great, dealing with the company was kind of a nightmare.
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...and Del Toro slippers have almost doubled in price since I purchased my first pair! :crazy:
I got them on sale, but like I said, it was a nightmare dealing with them. Took 7 weeks from initial order.

They're nice though, I'd say as nice as or marginally nicer than my Stubbs and Woottons (which just means S&Ws are overpriced at retail).

JP Crickets are probably some of my favorites and a good value, I just wish they made more models
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