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So, I have a great many heirloom sport jackets & blazers - really beautiful, very rare, and I love them because of the people who wore them. Most of them fit perfectly; some of them I've had to get some tailoring on. The quality of the tailoring and fabric is hard to miss; even by people who don't have an eye for clothing, much less traddy clothing.

The thing is, they won't last forever; and I need more of them.

So, there's a tailor I've been getting to know; does absolutely superb work; and he really knows my body and preferences very very well. He has spent some time with these jackets/blazers of mine and claims he can make one identically cut to these jackets, says he understands the style, and so on. One of them he practically rebuilt and it fits me the best of all of them. So, I sort of believe him lol.

So here's the deal: I provide the fabric and if I don't like what he tailors, I don't have to purchase it (prolly I would anyway because he's struggling, but don't tell him that :) ) I may try this out just to see how it turns out: if it's a fail, I haven't lost much; if it's a win, I'm going to pile in the orders.

But here's the thing: where on earth can I purchase high quality fabric? Is it super protected like, say, framing stock? One of the things I'm going to have to face is that these fabrics are not really available anymore; but still, there must be really nice stuff out there at Jpress/brooks. But I can't just purchase a roll from them right?

My other options are Jpress/brooks - but there's no way I'm going to get the same attention, multiple fittings, etc.

Any advice would be very much appreciated. :)
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