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Just popped in to Filene's Basement on State St. here in Chicago on the way back to my condo, where I spied a few attractive Jack Victor suits (a Canadian make, if I'm not mistaken). I wanted some input as to how they hold up, how they wear, overall quality, etc.

Here are a few of my observations:

The fit seems to be good to very good. I tried on a 38S, which is often cut just flat out wrong by many labels, as if the maker took a 38R and just lopped an inch or two off the bottom, leaving the pockets lower than they should be, etc. Not with these suits. The chest and arms were fitted but not skimpy, and the three button silhouette was attractive and un-boxy. The lapel was medium-wide, almost a Zegna sort of a cut but with slightly lower lapel notches.

The wool, a grey base with a complex, cream stripe, had a soft hand and wasn't stiff at all. It was the sort of earthy-toned grey common to Kiton fabrics (though of course there wasn't the same fabric quality here, hence the price tag was 1/20th that of a Kiton suit). The chest seemed just a little stiff, which probably puts this suit in the best-of-the-fused category also inhabited by Hugo Boss, etc. A little softer and the chest would have been just incredible. Still, it sat well and flowed nicely for what it was. If people know whether or not Jack Victor really does a fused chest, a half-canvas, or whatever, please chime in.

The details were OK but nothing to write home about. The button-hole on the lapel was real, which I think is still always a nice tough even without the boutenniere. The sleeve buttons were pure sham; they didn't even have the button silhouette which has become so popular of late. The lining was a striped white cloth which has become rather common. The pants had two pleats and hung nicely.

The price was $300. Definitely in my price range for what I term bang-around suits, suits you wear when you're not going to be around a lot of people who can pick out a great suit (I know, it sounds cheesy, but I'm sure others on this board know what I'm talking about ;). I thought it was a very good value and will probably return this week to pick it up (though I will indeed have to sleep on it first [8D]).

Anyone have a Jack Victor experience to share? Let loose ;)
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