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Jack Victor MTM/CMT

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Hello all,

I've been trying to find a rather inexpensive MTM sport coat option for a while. Well, today, I stumbled across Jack Victor at a Chicago men's store (Morris and Sons). Is anyone familiar with Jack Victor for MTM (or from what I understand it is more of a CMT process)?

Using Jack Victor, I can get a sport coat with a decent fabric for $500-600. The only issue is that my sales guy wasn't too sure how much flexibility there is with Jack Victor. For example, I always need much larger arm holes and sleeves than comes on a normal 46-48 jacket. My sales guy wasn't sure whether Jack Victor can do that, but he is checking for me. Does anyone know?

I do understand that Jack Victor jackets are largely fused. But, I don't really care becase all I'm looking for is a relatively low priced option for sport coats. And, the sport coats don't have to be perfect as long as they fit decently.

Any thoughts?
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Good information everyone. Thank you. I called up Mark Shale, and yah Coppley seems like a decent option. Sport Coats start around $900, and they can change things like armhole size, which is a requirement for me.

Of course, at $900 I can probably also do BB's 1818 MTM program for a sport coat.

I may check out Andrea Vanga. That price point sounds good to me. Can things like armhole size be changed? The fact that it isn't fully canvassd doesn't matter to me for my sport coats. I just want a relatively cheap option for sport coats that fit decently (but no need to be perfect or the epitome of quality).
Other than Oxxford (and possibly Samuelsohn and H. Freeman), I didn't know that clothing brands gave customers a cut, make, trim option (where you provide your own fabric that you obtained from wherever) for made to measure like the tailors give their customers for made to measure, semi bespoke and full bespoke.

As I often say, it is like the old saying goes, you learn something new everyday.
Oops, I misspoke. What I meant to convey is that they have limited options (for example, you can't change the armhole size).
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