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Jack Victor MTM/CMT

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Hello all,

I've been trying to find a rather inexpensive MTM sport coat option for a while. Well, today, I stumbled across Jack Victor at a Chicago men's store (Morris and Sons). Is anyone familiar with Jack Victor for MTM (or from what I understand it is more of a CMT process)?

Using Jack Victor, I can get a sport coat with a decent fabric for $500-600. The only issue is that my sales guy wasn't too sure how much flexibility there is with Jack Victor. For example, I always need much larger arm holes and sleeves than comes on a normal 46-48 jacket. My sales guy wasn't sure whether Jack Victor can do that, but he is checking for me. Does anyone know?

I do understand that Jack Victor jackets are largely fused. But, I don't really care becase all I'm looking for is a relatively low priced option for sport coats. And, the sport coats don't have to be perfect as long as they fit decently.

Any thoughts?
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You might want to check out Mark Shale and their MTM program, which last time I was in the store was through Coppley. Coppley is very similar to Jack Victor, but JV is a mostly OTR brand while Coppley is almost entirely MTM. I imagine Coppley will give you several more measurement options over the Jack Victor.
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