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I'm in the market for some new shirts - dress and casual. Can anyone chime in the the quality of Press' shirts?

Years ago, the quality of their shirts didn't match that of their suits, blazers and tweeds. I hope that's changed.


Merry, merry,
I just purchased several J Press and O Connells (first time, moved on from BB permanently) shirt and see little difference in fit. 15.5 x 34 I felt like the o Connells is a hair thinner. O Connells felt like a better made shirt though. O Connells collar roll better as well.

Interestingly I compared some sport shirt which are decent quality from my local store and compared the collars - all nearly identical. Placement of the collar button determined the “roll”. My Gitman dress shirts are the slimmest and have the shortest collars but are well constructed.

Wondering how much it would cost to have my tailor relocate buttons on 10 shirt…

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts