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J Press Blazer

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Has anyone, by chance, laid eyes or hands on this J Press blazer?

I'm looking to purchase a new lighter weight blazer, but I can't get a good read on the shoulders just from the picture

Looking back through old posts, I know there had been shoulder issues with Canadian made jackets from Cohen, but also that some Press jackets from Canada are Empire and have a nice shoulder. I'm not sure which one made this one, though.
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I have three Press blazers, two are single breasted, 3 roll 2, and one double breasted. But they were acquired more than a decade or two ago! And they are the standard length. The one you've linked appears to have the short length that's the fashion these days. Are you in favour of that style? I ask because this is the Trad Style forum and most of us are inclined to prefer standard lengths in our jackets and blazers -- a tad more timeless that way, LOL.

The O'Connell's Southwick blazer suggested by @never behind looks perfect to me, from a Trad perspective. And it is priced very reasonably as well.
More than one member of the Trad forum has said that the O'Connell's website is not an exhaustive listing of everything they have. You would be well advised to give them a call. I have had recent experience with how supportive they are, when ordering some grey flannels a few months ago. They might well locate a sack style blazer with standard flap pockets.

Your concern about returns is certainly a valid one. Since fit is the most important aspect for any item of clothing, perhaps a prudent approach might be to find a nearby shop with a decent selection of blazers. The trouble is that very few shops offer Trad clothing. Something similar can be had at Ben Silver's shop in Charleston, SC. You can also check out their offerings at their website, and give them a call if you find something you like.
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I think you will like the J Press blazer. Their standards and style have remained fairly consistent so far.
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I am glad you like the Press blazer, especially the length, Andrew. Are you taking it to your tailor for sleeve alterations?

If your blazer is 100% tropical worsted wool, then I think you will still have some drape. If it is plain weave worsted, then it will wrinkle rather more than high-twist or Fresco worsted. Fresco (a trademark of Hardy Minnism but used generically) is also more breathable, in addition to being less susceptible to wrinkling. High twist wool has more space between the yarns and therefore has more "breathability" compared to plain weave wool. The weight per se is less important, in this way of thinking, than the type of weave.

The Press tropical worsted blazers I have don't wrinkle much as long as I don't wear them for too long without resting or airing them. The one wrinkle that almost gets set in after a day of wear is the one at the small of the back. I usually hang my blazers up on wooden hangers to air them and then do a light touch with a steamer to get the wrinkles out. Incidentally a simple clothes steamer is one of the best investments you can make if you wish to avoid frequent (and harmful) dry cleaning for any type of clothing.

Of course a hopsack or flannel blazer is going to have much better drape. I have a cashmere blazer, bought aeons ago, that is still very serviceable and has very good drape. The best blazer I have for drape is an even heavier flannel, and that is strictly a winter blazer! It was made in the US by Land's End back in the heyday of the company, and I treasure it because LE was a Wisconsin company that was well-regarded in those days.

Happy blazering!
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