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J Press Blazer

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Has anyone, by chance, laid eyes or hands on this J Press blazer?

I'm looking to purchase a new lighter weight blazer, but I can't get a good read on the shoulders just from the picture

Looking back through old posts, I know there had been shoulder issues with Canadian made jackets from Cohen, but also that some Press jackets from Canada are Empire and have a nice shoulder. I'm not sure which one made this one, though.
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My best advice is the just call them. I've spoken with James in the New Haven shop several times, and he has always been extremely helpful. Hopefully they have the item in store; I'd think there's a good chance given it's a navy blazer.

I did just order the chambray sport coat and it has a nice, natural shoulder. It was made in Canada.

I do know O'Connell's has a Southwick blazer that may fit the bill. The description notes it is a tropical weight.

Definitely not in favor of the short length, though it's listed as their classic fit, so I assumed that the stylist intentionally put them in a shorter length than you or I would choose. I often notice this on many store sites (even some more traditional ones) that they might list something along the lines of "model is 6'2 and wearing a 40R." I'm 6'2 and find most 40Ls too short these days.

I've definitely looked at the O'Connells Southwick line as well as their store branded offerings. But, my trad heresy is that I don't like patch pockets on a blazer. Plus, while I love O'Connells, I'm always hesitant to spend that much on something that can only be returned for store credit, since I'm too far away to go to the store and try anything on.
The only time in the past 1-2 years that a Press jacket has been too short is if I had a "trim" version. The non-trim jackets are normal length (to me).

On the O'Connell's jackets, I've never had anything I've returned been for store credit. They have always credited my credit card. Unless something has changed in the past 6-9 months.

I believe the O'Connell's "brand" jackets have jetted pockets. Of the two I was told the "Worsted" version is the lighter weight.
Thanks all.

I went with the J Press during the 15% off sale over the weekend. I'll let you know how it looks when it arrives.
I'm interested in your opinion on the jacket. I am considering buying a tropical weight blazer. Trying to decide between J Press and O'Connell's (specifically upgrading to the Southwick).
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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