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J Press Blazer

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Has anyone, by chance, laid eyes or hands on this J Press blazer?

I'm looking to purchase a new lighter weight blazer, but I can't get a good read on the shoulders just from the picture

Looking back through old posts, I know there had been shoulder issues with Canadian made jackets from Cohen, but also that some Press jackets from Canada are Empire and have a nice shoulder. I'm not sure which one made this one, though.
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Wow. You're right! I don't know why I've thought that all this time, but I just checked again and it says for refund or exchange on their site. For a long time I've been too afraid to buy anything more expensive than a Shetland in case I wanted to return it and not be locked in to spending those dollars only at O'Connells.

I did think that was not the experience that I had in previous purchases from O'connells. Glad you got that sorted out and cleared up for posters.
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