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J&M Handmade shoe width question.

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Just got off the phone from bennies. A bloke told me that they have a Johnston Murphy Handmade left in a EEE sizing. l usally take an E sizing in these shoes and they fit really well.

Will a EEE be way to wide? Can a shoe be made narrower by placing leather linings inside the shoes?

P.S: they are sending me another pair of grenson Masterpieces too. Brown split-toe lace-ups. Thanks Mr Pollock.

P.S.S: Mr Pollock, l wouldn't mind talking to you on the phone one day to say thanks and to have alittle chat about shoes. l hope you wouldn't mind. l would like you to email me your phone number, but that's up to you. lf you hard feelings. You are still a great bloke.

P.S.S.S: l was easily winning a bid on Alden cordovan leather wingtips. l made a very generous vote but he wasn't prepairsed to send oversees. So dissapointed, l really thought he would have changed his mind and send me them anyway.

Regards: the shooman.

GR8MAN (The shooman) B8MAN.
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