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J&M Aristocraft Hyde Park II USA

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Can anyone tell me if the Aristocraft Made in USA Hyde Park II are full grain or corrected leather?
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One way to tell is to examine the shoe up close: If you can see the pores in the leather, it is likely full grain. If the leather looks very smooth, and a bit plasticky, then it is probably corrected grain. The sanding process used in corrected grain finishes will cover up the pores.

If the leather is truly genuine and minimally processed, one thing you will notice is the imperfection -- scratches and cuts on the hide of the animal will still be there, and the two shoes in a pair will have different blemishes. This is actually something many aficionados find desirable -- a kind of uniqueness, if you will. I have some pairs of shoes that are like this, notable among them a pair of Grenson slipons made in England, and they look great to me, blemishes and all.

I looked at the model you mentioned on the J&M website, and it is hard to tell from the picture, even with magnification.

By the way I own vintage models of Aristocraft and Crown Aristocraft shoes, and those are all full grain leather. They are also beautifully made, welted shoes with proper stacked heels -- constructed the old-fashioned way!
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Thank you, drpeter! The shoes arrived today so I will find out!
You're most welcome. I hope they are full grain -- I believe that is what you were hoping for. Do please post your findings here.

Also, in the future, if you have these questions while ordering from afar, give the company or shop a call and ask to speak to someone who would know these details. It is generally the case that they will have someone there who would know the answer. Allen Edmonds is pretty good that way, and so is Alden. I assume J&M should be as well.

Good luck in your future purchases. And keep consulting AAAC. Many of the questions you have about clothes can be answered through a search of the posts in our forum.
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