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J.Crew selling REAL Mackintoshes at REAL Mackinstosh prices

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$800. That's about what they are on the Mac website.

But why only navy? Fawn is the classic color!
At least I'll be able to try one of these on in person -- I've always wanted one but never known where to buy other than the Mac website.
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I have a Mac that Polo did a couple of years ago. It's Lime Green hence it's place on the sale rack. They look cool but get warm fast. They're not comfortable. They are on the heavy side but who cares. They're a classic.
Cheers, Jam. That's the exact one I have but on Lime Green. 100 bucks at Marshall Fields two years ago. Who knew it was a (ahem) "collectable"
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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