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It's TWEED Season!

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With the temperature in the shade at 93F, and a dew point of 70F, naturally, thoughts turn to tweed! Not to wear of course, but rather to aid in envisioning a sublime season of crisp breezes, cool dark shade and gentle late afternoon light.

Not necessarily Flanderian recommended, but rather some provocative and thought provoking ensembles featuring lovely tweeds.

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Beautiful collection of colors, textures and patterns but an unbuttoned OCBD? Really?
I did not care for the sweater being unbuttoned like that.
I had one like that when I was younger. Not my colors now. Tweed is not really in my closet now but I have wool double and single breasted navy blazers, also one in camel colored wool and I have two linen blazers. Oh, I just remembered my Armani Jeans brand tweed that I got at Goodwill a couple of years ago. I can wear a wool Shetland with that because it is roomy. Nice selection for me. The thing is to go somewhere and wear them.
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I was really planning to go easy on the purchases this year but when you spot something you've been looking for, you need to strike. A little show and tell...

I just had this Magee Donegal tweed delivered the other day. First off, I was blown away how the store in Scotland got it to me so quickly! A big thanks to Stewart Christie & Co. in Edinburgh.

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My photo doesn't do it justice so here's a photo from their website. Its a beautiful blue that borders on grey/blue to my eye....
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I even like the two-tone lining....
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The sleeves will be shortened a bit, but otherwise it's one of my best fitting jackets already. I was on the hunt for a Donegal in this color as it brings back fond memories. This is as close as I've seen to a jacket given to me by my parents when I was in my very early teens for a school dance. As I recall, back in the mid-80s, Donegal tweed was pretty popular. At least it was where I lived. You sure don't see it around much these days.
Very interesting. So glad that you are pleased with the fit and those memories.
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