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It's TWEED Season!

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With the temperature in the shade at 93F, and a dew point of 70F, naturally, thoughts turn to tweed! Not to wear of course, but rather to aid in envisioning a sublime season of crisp breezes, cool dark shade and gentle late afternoon light.

Not necessarily Flanderian recommended, but rather some provocative and thought provoking ensembles featuring lovely tweeds.

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After drooling all over these pictures I'd really really like to get a full 3 piece tweed suit but not sure where (tweed separates are much easier of course).
I know of Peter Christian, Cordings, what else? Even J. Press doesn't make full suits as far as I can see.
There seems to be a lot of "made in China" tweed suits on the web but I am unsure of the quality.
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