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It's TWEED Season!

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With the temperature in the shade at 93F, and a dew point of 70F, naturally, thoughts turn to tweed! Not to wear of course, but rather to aid in envisioning a sublime season of crisp breezes, cool dark shade and gentle late afternoon light.

Not necessarily Flanderian recommended, but rather some provocative and thought provoking ensembles featuring lovely tweeds.

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Wood Sleeve Grey Collar Road surface
Found this donegal yesterday in a local thrift shop.
Outerwear Coat Dress shirt Sleeve Grey
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Ask, and ye shall receive! :pirate:

Now, all you need is a fat wallet. 😭
Thanks. I tried a Google image search of your image and didn't find this site. Saw similar ties from mills in the UK.

Fat wallet is right.
Is that just a really long pointed point collar or is it a semi-cutaway with really long points? Are there straps about 3" back from the front pulling it close to center?
Looks to me a like a full spread collar with points somewhere between 2 1/2" & 3" long.

I'm sorry, I don't understand your second question. :icon_scratch:
I was wondering how he got the points to stay folded down within the jacket lapels. It could be a posed photo and they would pop out after movement but a little ways back from the front the one on the left looks looks like there may be something pulling it toward the neck. There is a fold on that left collar and there might be one on the right collar too. Wondering whether they build something into the collar to keep those points from moving out over the lapels.
Sorry, I don't see what you're seeing. :icon_scratch:

When I've worn spread collar shirts with points long enough to extend to, or beyond the lapels' inner edges, mine have lain and looked pretty much the same. And the collar was simply properly ironed, then buttoned and which had stays.
Gotcha. I hadn't seen the buttons. If that is a button down collar, I understand how the points stay in place inside the lapels and the collar has that nice rounded curve.
Is this a member's suit? I know it's not FF pictured. If I've given offense, the critique was simply a product of what should be construed as idiosyncratic personal taste intended as instructive criticism. The wearer of this rig is still better dressed than 99.9% of the American male populace.

I'm oddly most troubled by the size of the knot and lack of dimple. Just those remedied would bring everything into sharper focus, irrespective of my other cavils.

Looks like a medium point, medium spread collar, pinned. The focus of my criticism is that the whole mass of collar, knot and tie is out of proportion with the amount of space afforded by the triangle above the vest. It's a period look, and requires attention to period proportion, IMHO.
Agreed. That collar and tie are a big luxurious look and the suit, even with the wide lapels, looks trim. Might be the shoulder seams being in from the shoulder like that and possibly the model's narrow midsection contribute to the problem you've mentioned.
Not the greatest looking quality, but I love a heavy (almost solid) grey tweed suit.
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Nice that they showed a second tie with the outfit. I wonder why shops don't always show variations. Seems to me that would both: a. accomplish the upsell for them; and b. save the buyer time and mistakes and extend the life of the clothes by letting them buy several variations that go well together.
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Another Jimmy Stewart one, looks flanel and probably Tweed:
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And one more Stewart pic just 'cause it's so Apparel Arts
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That is some lapel in the top picture. Don't think I've seen them that short and that wide.
Looks like every season is tweed season.

Tweed-inspired lingerie

You're welcome.
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