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The thread on white shoes got me thinking. The rule of white (shoes & purses for the ladies, pants & white bucks for men) being worn only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, is one I was raised with and today simply follow by instinct. Another rule would be I only use black ink pens for business, blue is for social correspondence. Straw hats - fedoras and the like, are also only worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Gin & Tonic, also only between MD & LD, I guess the same would apply to Pimms.

To me these "rules" speak of a simpler time. No real harm is done if broken, and many seem totally unheard of to the younger folks out there.

Anybody got an arcane rule, they would like to share? I'm only thinking of arcane fashion and etiquette rules, anything beyond that and I think my computer would implode. :D
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