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The tide is turning on non-iron cotton. You heard it here first.

Just got my Lands' End men's catalog. The cover and first eight pages are dedicated to "classic cotton". Listen to some of these descriptions:

About the "paintbrush shirts" (really just colorful gingham dress shirts):
"Like all our Classics these are in untreated cotton (you purists will want to give them a try - the shirt has enough substance to look good unironed - just take it out of the dryer when the cycle ends). 100% cotton."

Ok, not great copy, but you get the point.

And "Lands' End Classics for the purist. Original Oxfords, Pinpoints, and Hyde Parks all still made the way you like them: purely natural and with unsurpassed craftsmanship."

I know Lands' End is not Brooks Brothers. But this is definitely a tidal shift and a good start. Words like "Purists"? "Classic"?

This is what we've been waiting for, at least the classic purists among us.

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