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Isaia Suit: Let's talk!

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Gentleman and our Lady posters as well,

I have heard very good things about Isaia suits but currently do not own one. There is one (Yes, Andy I clicked the banner), and along with a 20% off promotion, will cost me around $550. It is listed as a Brown Herringbone with light Pink pinstripe. From the image it looks quite interesting and would certainly bring something new and potentially interesting (for better or worse) to my suit portfolio.

For those who are familiar with these suits, how do you feel about the fit? Also, what about the pattern and color of this suit? Any red flags or anything along those lines?
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I don't own one, but I agree with the above poster that you should seek another color. Perhaps the fact that it is brown w/ pink stripes is the reason that it is marked down so much?
One finds this a lot when shopping the 'bargain bins' online. I have (finally) learned to pass on something that's a great brand, my size, a great price, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut . . . . questionable whether I'd actually wear it due to style, color, etc.
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