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Isaia Suit: Let's talk!

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Gentleman and our Lady posters as well,

I have heard very good things about Isaia suits but currently do not own one. There is one (Yes, Andy I clicked the banner), and along with a 20% off promotion, will cost me around $550. It is listed as a Brown Herringbone with light Pink pinstripe. From the image it looks quite interesting and would certainly bring something new and potentially interesting (for better or worse) to my suit portfolio.

For those who are familiar with these suits, how do you feel about the fit? Also, what about the pattern and color of this suit? Any red flags or anything along those lines?
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I have a light tan Gianlucia Isaia linen sportcoat. It is wonderful. Easily one of the finest garments I own.

I highly recommend the brand.

As long as the jacket is your size, a high quality tailor can customize the fit.

As far as the color and pattern, do you like it? Does it go well with your hair color and skin tone?

You can catch the pink stripes with a tie, or maybe even a shirt and it would be beautiful.

Not every suit should be navy and grey.

I think the suit is very attractive.
See less See more's hard not to look.

What do you imagine using these suits for?

The charcoal and red looks very sober and business like.

The track stripe and shadow stripes are interesting. My feeling is that the high number of stripes, that close together, give off a busy/ eccentric/ mafia look.....
The best thing about STP is their generous return policy. Buy all three or four, and check them out, try them on in person. Keep one and return the rest.

I do that all the time when I buy from STP. I'll buy 10 jackets, sometimes different sizes of the same jacket. Try them all on and return all but one of them.

Your only out 15-20$ in shipping cost.
The charcoal and red stripe sounds like an excellent choice then!

I have fair skin(pink shirts work really well) and red hair and I look great in earth tones. Maybe I should get the brown suit!!

Good luck!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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