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Hello, I'm planning to buy some Charles Tyrwhitt casual shirts (like ) and according to their for small casual shirts:

To fit collar: 14.5-15"
To fit chest: up to 37"
To fit sleeve: 31-33"
Actual chest: 42.9"
Actual waist: 41.3"

According to my measurements, my neck is 14.5", my chest is 36" and my 32" sleeve dress shirt fits me fine. However, my waist is 31-32" and I'm not sure how much wide the waist on my shirts should be. I'm not sure whether I'll wear these tucked or untucked yet. Will that change things? Also, if these ARE too big, would a tailor be able to fix that? Thanks for the help.


Take a breath.

Stop obsessing over this. You've spent more time, and more pixels worrying about a damn sport shirt than I do over server installs.

The secret to wearing clothes is to believe that you look right in them, not whether they are tailored down to the millimeter.

Although that helps.

This is ESPECIALLY true with casual attire.

Some people *like* shirts that are fuller in the waist and that billow (or blouse) over the top of their trousers.

Others prefer clean lines.

A tailor can take a shirt that does one, and turn it into the other, but only one way.

But relax, try a few things, find what works for you.
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