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Is it wrong to wear a navy blazer with a silver-buckled belt?

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Is it appropriate to wear a silver belt buckle with a navy blazer that has brass buttons?
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...mismatching is certainly not "wrong" in the way buttoning the bottom button on a suit or sport jacket is wrong.
I realize that posting the following picture is, for you, akin to holding a cross to a vampire, but I thought I'd do it anyway...
Smile Coat Tie Human Dress shirt
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Your response is appreciated, even if your tone is predictable.
Point taken. Happy holidays.
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I wear a silver engraved clinch buckle with dark suits, trousers, and my NBB (with engraved brass buttons) when pairing with grey trousers. I wear a brass engraved clinch buckle with khakis, my summer weight tan suit, and my NBB when wearing khakis or summer trousers.
What is all this engraved stuff of yours engraved with?
To each their own though.
Back when I drank I considered having buttons engraved with my initials in case I forgot who I was.

I too have buttons engraved with the state crest. Maine, in my case. Beow, a rendering of the state seal: a farmer, a seaman, a pine tree and a moose and the Latin phrase Dirigo, for I Lead. Below that are the engraved buttons. I have never attached them to anything, yet.
Sleeve Crest Font Symbol Circle

Gold Amber Currency Money handling Money
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