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Is it wrong to wear a navy blazer with a silver-buckled belt?

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Is it appropriate to wear a silver belt buckle with a navy blazer that has brass buttons?
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I think a sterling silver belt buckle is pretty much always OK
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If you mean one of those sterling buckles you use with a strap, I wouldn't, but it isn't because of a clashing metals issue. It is because I find those belts sort of "business dressy," the sort of thing you wear into the board room with a subtly chalk striped navy suit, well polished black cap toes, a broadcloth shirt with a spread collar and French cuffs, a sophisticated tie such as an Hermes, and a thin gold watch like a Piaget or a Breguet. I like blazers with blue or pink OCBDs, surcingle belts, and bright repp stripes. I find blazers very comfy and casual while, ironically, remaining dressy enough to meet grandmother for lunch In some snooty tea room. I am much more bothered by mixing levels of formality than I am mixing metals. My plain gold wedding ring, never removed in 47 years, will just have to clash with platinum studs.
I think mixing and matching different levels of formality can be a good look. For example wearing everything you described to a business meeting could risk looking a bit too cartoonish, like you want to be the "chairman of the board" out of central casting. I often wear a Hermes tie with a 3-button sack suit and OCBD, or a french cuff shirt with blazer and no tie. When done right it can look "casually elegant" without being either too casual or too elegant.
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