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It's summer and I picked up a few decent very well priced dress shirts for work at Marshalls, one being a Joseph Abboud that usually retails for $79 and I got for $20. Now maybe mine was the first in the box...I don't know...but clear as day it said ona seperate package label "PRE-PACK MARSHALLS". While I realize that not every piece of merchandise saw the inside of a retail shop isn't it a bit misleading to say "compare at $79.99" when in fact the shirt never did. Similar ones might...but not the one I bought, it was intended to be sold at Marshalls for $39 or $29 from the get go. Obviously I liked the shirt enough to pay $ fact I was happy to do so, I just think the store plays a few too many games when it comes to the "compare at price"...while they do get some amazing pieces they are far rarer than an Abboud or Ralph Lauren shirt which seems to be commonplace in the $29 range nowadays.

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