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Is belt lengthening possible?

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First time post, I tried searching for this sort of thing here and elsewhere with no such luck. I usually try to match my belts to my shoes quite exactly, to the point of having almost one belt per shoe. However, most recently, my waistline has become more "mature". Now, I have a bunch of rather pricey belts that are 4 inches too short, and I have shoes that I don't like to wear without the matching belt.

Does anyone know of a classy way to lengthen a belt, preferably in some hidden or sneaky way that does not show ( I can't imagine one myself )?
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have a shoemaker /cobbler...

disengage the buckle if it doesn't already detach from strap. He should add a similar color, weight, and sized material to end. This should approximate the 4 inches you need to add. He can shave down the thickness of the back of your original belt (maintaining the surface appearance). He will also shave down the front of the new piece and glue the two together. If he's any good, he'll probably add a thin piece of lining leather to the back side as well just to smooth the edges as well. Add a bit of sewing from him for strength and Voila!

When he reattaches the buckle, the mismatched added piece of leather will be hidden by the overlapping original leather at the point where the loops are !

I'v done it...and it works!
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