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Evening Gentlemen,

I have an interview coming up next week and I would like your opinions on the following: I bought a suit from H&M thats dark navy blue. A member of the forums quinnk, posted a picture of himself in the suit in the "What are you wearing today" thread (Thank you quinnk :icon_smile_big:)

What shirt and tie combo would look best for an interview? I already have a white shirt and dark tie with white dots that I was thinking about...
Also, I'm assuming I should stick with black shoes and not tan as that would be a bit flashy for an interview... Suggestions/comments?

Thank you in advance, your help is greatly appreciated! :icon_smile:
For interviews it's best to dress conservatively. Once you have the job, you can dress with more flair. What you have picked out sounds just right for an interview. Good luck.
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