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This is the tailor I have had a few of my pieces made at. I really think they do some interesting things. I hope you enjoy.

I love this overcoat, Even the wide lapels which normally I wouldn't be a fan of.

I personally dont think I could pull off this.

I saw the material in the shop(the quote for the cashmere was just too much for me) when I was getting some shirts made. I am tempted to get something in a camel wool.

I might just visit this tailor for the whisky selection alone. A little fuzzy in the background, but I see some Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Kavalan, Yamazaki, Laphroaig, possibility some Glenmorangie and Buffalo Trace. "I'm very interested, now please keep the drinks coming!"

That's a better whisky selection than most bars in Korea.
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