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Two weeks after I left the family firm for a job up north, my boss called a meeting to discuss the dress code. Male staff had been seen wearing jorts or even long denim pants, which was unacceptable both from a Party standpoint and the idea that we were there to do business with our boss's constituents.

I even got called up and asked why I wore grey khakis with a large break in them. I replied I was hard to fit and most pants were very generous on my legs if they fit my waist, but in 10 minutes, what I assumed to be appropriate business wear (even business casual on Fridays) was vanquished and I resolved to wear a dark suit (grey) every day, pinstripes on thursdays and seersucker on Friday. Unfortunately, I was let go three months later, and am back to wearing whatever I want (usually smart casual style clothes) but hope to get back into a similar job somewhere.

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