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Independent Study For My Benefit

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Ok, i'm just doing kind of a survey to determine shopper's drive towards one brand or another:
It seems like most people on here and SF are big buyers (or fans) of Lobb, Grenson, C&J and a few others. I am a far bigger fan of Mantellassi and Gravati. I have seen many Lobbs come thru my hands and I can honestly say there was 1 pair that i thought were flat-out awesome. the rest were "ehh, take it or leave it". However I've had tons of Mantellassi and Gravati come thru that i just loved.
My question: what is it that makes everyone so ga-ga over Grenson etc and somewhat ambivalent towards M and G?

Similar question comparing Borrelli shirts to Lorenzini. To me there is not much difference at all, and given that it's easier to find a Lorenzini for $100 and a lot harder to find any good Borrellis for under $140 or $150, what is the big difference

(truth in advertising statement):
I'm asking the first mainly b/c i just secured a deal with Mantellassi and will be selling them at around 60-65% off, which is obviously a good deal, but I was commenting to them how the bulk of my clientele MIGHT not appreciate them, but if I had Lobbs or Grensons I could sell them at 60-65% off hand over fist. I'm just curious.

For the best of the best:
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