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Several years ago, I took up jogging again. And, within a few days, I had terrible, aching shin splints. Someone suggested that I get a pair of bespoke orthotics. I hesitated, thinking that they were not meant for people who are especially active. Boy, was I ever wrong.
I visited a specialist, who told me that -- in their view -- 80% of knee, shin, back, ankle, foot problems are caused by the fact that very few of us walk perfectly. They studied the way I walked, and they took plaster molds of my feet. They then created two sets of orthotics for me -- one thin pair for dress shoes, and a thicker pair for running shoes. (Most insurance plans, btw, will cover one pair -- so it's best to have them cover the thicker, more expensive one.)
I was amazed at the effect. I was always a big stroller, and I've never had any foot problems. But the orthotics enabled me to walk for miles without feeling even a bit tired. And, when running, the shin splints vanished almost overnight.
Whatever your age, I recommend this to everyone, in the strongest possible terms. You'll be absolutely delighted at the results.


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