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I found this forum quite by accident while performing yet another futile search for classic clothing. While I realize that my post may be completely inappropriate in this forum (and for that I apologize), I am quite desperate, and I hope that someone (who is either married or has a female significant other) would be willing to share the secret of where they acquire their clothes.

A bit about my predicament: I am in my early thirties, female, and a somewhat recent immigrant to this country. As such, I have no idea where to find the clothes that fit my criteria: classic (or what translates as “boring†to most of my contemporaries), understated, well-tailored, conservative, made from natural fibers, and can be worn for years without becoming dated. I do not wish to acquire such clothes to appear to belong to a certain class, but, rather, because this is what I feel most comfortable (authentic) in.

I have visited the nearby stores: Neiman Marcus and Saks and (yet again!) walked out in disgust after looking at high priced designer junk. I walked over to local Brooks (not an outlet) and the wool suits looked too poorly constructed and too heavy to be a year around wool. Surely, there must be women who think and dress like me, but I am not personally acquainted with any. And when I see one walking down the street, I just can’t imagine stopping her for a question like this. Luckily, the anonymity of the Internet allows me to send a post to a male forum and no one will see me blush!

And so, if you do have any suggestions or can share the stores where your significant other shops, I would greatly appreciate it.

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