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Well I am out of Saigon and in my girlfriends room in Hong Kong as I write, fresh from a visit to Jantzen yesterday to collect my first shirts.

The famous Ricky wasnt there either measuring day or collecting day, was measured up by David, his business partner.

Very impressed.

First impressions - its INCREDIBLY busy. People in out in out in out all the time. Its messy - no neatly organised swatches - basically just lumps of cotton held together with ring binders. The place is tiny and crowded. Shirt bags EVERYWHERE as previously reported.

However - I painting a negative picture here - the people who were there came out very well fitted, in extremely nice shirts. My girlfriend was impressed and she (who is reading over my shoulder now) is not easy to please with these things. Very high standards. It passed her "I would refer my friend there" test.

She says "so many gwei lo" - white people - not sure if that a compliment or not.

Picked out 2 shirts. Very fast turnaround for instore purchases - about 3 days. None of the web delays you all complain about.

HUGE fabric selection.

The other thing that impressed me was how friendly the other customers were - it was like we were all in on some kind of secret - so customers chatting with each other about pleat choices, collar choices etc etc etc. Hell its so small youre crashing into each other otherwise.

On the whole, I was most impressed.

Will post pics later of the shirts, but below are some of the shop, hope that gives you guys who order online from a faceless store on the otherside of the earth a little glimpse inside.

hmm image shack is down (no upload button!), so using another service - have included the URLs, since Ive never figured out how to link thumbs in AAAC (malinda - any help/lessons appreciated!)....

this is the outside ext.JPG

this is David david.JPG

and this is the view from the tiny fitting room - there were shirts all over the floor which they cleaned up while the curtain was closed. incredible volume of business in there. inside.JPG

pretty damn happy with how they came out - my only complaint - i would have liked them a little longer - im kinda scruffy, so like ultra long shirts cos they dont come untucked. my fault - i didnt tell them. he noted it for next order.
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