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I'm a PC, and I wear silk cravats

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*stares seriously into the camera*

What do you think of Microsoft's response to the "'Hi, I'm a Mac,' 'And I'm a PC'" commercials?
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I used a Mac for about a year and a half back in the mid '90s when I was part of a marketing group. It was fine. At the same time my home computer was a PC. Neither one impressed me as being better than the other (of course, then there was a much greater availability of various software for the PC).

From my recollection of that Mac experience, my PC of today is basically just as , reliable, stable, and easy to use (for my purposes - nothing really heavy duty). I'm typing this message from a 6 year old Gateway laptop that needs more memory, but have no real problems with it. Same goes for my 4 year old HP (business type) computer that I use at home.

Around the turn of the century I put together my own PC. It worked just fine, also (until the lack of adequate cooling eventually smoked the motherboard).

Maybe the Mac of today would really impress me, I don't know, but I'm not disappointed with my PCs in any way. ( I admit, I don't much care for some of the quirks of Vista when it came out, but all of my own PCs have the XP OS.
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1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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