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I'm a PC, and I wear silk cravats

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*stares seriously into the camera*

What do you think of Microsoft's response to the "'Hi, I'm a Mac,' 'And I'm a PC'" commercials?
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I like it a lot better than the Mac ads. The Mac ads are really offputting.

If PCs were really so terrible, they would not dominate the marketplace no matter what Bill Gates did.

I'm sure the Macs are good computers and probably better at some things. I just really don't like the ads, plus, when hiring, etc. a lot more people know the basics about using the PC and Windows.
I guess the techs at work keep the worst of Windows from happening. I'll admit that the Windows 95 and Windows 98 were not dependable, at least with accounting software. However, now, it's pretty dependable; I don't experience the crashes very often any more.

(Although lately, there have been a couple "Sequel" errors. I just restart and do something else. Right now, I don't know if there is much Accounting Software that would run on a Mac, although I do admit I have never checked. The computer techs give me a PC and I run my accounting department on it.)
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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