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Got it today, and yes!

(Well, if it is a fake, the fakers perfectly duplicated the canvassing, the hand stitching, the horse and rider logo lining, the manufacturer's tag, the exquisite fabric and the distinctive Palatino cut.)

The auction was a case study in how presentation matters to bidding price. The pics were "flashed out", making the jacket look photocopied. The beautiful deep burgundy lining looked too red. Also, the seller didn't give actual measurements, nor did he display the Manu. tag from the inside pocket.

The outside manu. tags were missing, and the trousers had been altered. Only a store tag visible, and that from a boutique that went out of business in May of this year. My research also told me that the store had stopped carrying menswear in 2000!

However, the man had a VERY nice new Brioni to sell, and was a great seller. The suit is a dark charcoal nailhead with a white "pinstriping" effect. A classic two-button Palatino with the lower gorge stance that I've noticed on some new Brionis, (though they seem to be making a lot more 3-button Palatinos).

That probably kept some buyers away, too. Good for me; I've been longing for an end to the fashion the tyranny of the high-gorge "smock" look since the late 90s.
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