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I don't know what to make of them. The uppers look fine, even stitching, clean broguing. There is an even nap and the leather has grain, but not very fine or even. Then the pipping is a bit beat beaten up and uneven. The lining finishing is a mess, and the heel job is really sloppy. The soles look like a pedestrian replacement, but then appear to have a closed channel. I can't imagine a cobbler doing a closed channel replacement and then screwing up the heels so badly.

You're correct that the uppers look unworn, but I can't imagine any quality manufacturer doing such a lousy job on the heels and soles. Then the lack of markings on the lining, along with its poor finishing, makes me wonder if they are replacement also. There would be identifying codes if it were from any factory. Why would the uppers look unworn, yet the lining, heels and soles look like replacements?

A total mystery. What I will bet they are not, is a product of any established manufacturer. For all I know they could be from some small cobbler who knocks out his own line of shoes for local consumption. I ran across a shop like that in Positano. Filled with no name shoes from a little local cobbler in town. No name, no codes, just a bunch of inexpensively made glued shoes for the local market, and the occasional tourist. An old guy whose wife ran the store, and a couple of assistants, just knocking them out.
I visited that shop in Positano. The hat shop where I bought my Stetson Panama hat is just down the street.


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