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It sounds like this thread is about those brands who have created a specific item that has achieved iconic "I know what that is" status - either they did it first or created a clever twist or simply make a particularly good or pretty version of a staple. Whatever, their brand name is indelibly popularly associated with the item, much like Hoover vacuums or Kleenex tissues.

In that category I would include:

Gucci loafers
Hermes "scarf" ties
Loro Piana Horsey; maybe Roadster too.
Barbour Beaufort
Armani suit
Aquascutum and Burberry trenches
Rayban Wayfarers
Ralph Lauren Polos

That list is just off the top of my head, but in a way, that's probably a useful litmus test. I'm not endorsing all those items by the way (though most are excellent), just listing icons.

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LOVE those green Loden overcoats. I have one that is 20-some years old and a newer one; and a green Loden sportcoat. I think they're dressy enough to wear with a suit, and not so prissy that you can't wear them with jeans. And warm. And windproof. And darn-near waterproof.

Still, I don't know if they're Trad. Trad tends to be British and the American Atlantic seaboard states. I always think of Loden as Continental Europe. Especially Germany and Switzerland.


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Dare it be uttered, no one has mentioned the Members Only jacket.

It was ubiquitous in the late 70's and early 80's. I still see it often on elderly men, and it made a comeback in leather in the last year or so.

I think it is hideous, but it can definately be called a modern classic.

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The BB #1 Rep stripe tie in burgundy and gold, the Argyle and Sutherland rep Tie...
Funny thing. I read to the end of the thread with the intent of adding that particular BB #1 tie.

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We all strive to be a classic

  • tortise shell half frame reading glasses
  • Wayfarers
  • Parker duofolds
  • silver money clips
  • slik knot cuff links
  • alligator belts & tiffany buckles
  • simple tank watches
  • Adidas sambas
  • chukka boots
  • roper style western boots
  • cordovan penny loafers
  • tassled dress loafers
  • two tone saddles
  • tartan trews for the holidays
  • moleskins
  • silk trews
  • cuffed/pleated chinos
  • the blazer & flannels
  • beautiful blue suits for evening wear
  • shawl collar tux
  • white collar/double cuff on a bengal stripe (full clown mode..);)
  • pinpoint button downs
  • rugby shirts
  • Filson shirts
  • Sir Pendelton (esp. tartan) shirts
  • chambray work shirts
  • the G-9 or Barracutta Jacket
  • leather flight jackets
  • Burberry or Misty Harbour trench
  • blue/black camelhair top coats
  • fedoras
  • panamas
  • classic baseball caps
  • anything Black Watch
  • the confident fellow who is at ease with himself and world about him...:cool:
Be seeing you!
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