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What do you think are the iconic pieces of clothing? (Perhaps this should be in the trad forum, but I wasn't thinking only of trad clothing.) I'll start with a few:

Arnys Forestiere corduroy jacket
Brooks Brothers ocbd
Bill's khakis (althought they are a relatively new brand)
Avon Celli polo shirt

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Seersucker suit in blue
Panama hat
White or dirty bucks
It sounds like this thread is about those brands who have created a specific item that has achieved iconic "I know what that is" status - either they did it first or created a clever twist or simply make a particularly good or pretty version of a staple. Whatever, their brand name is indelibly popularly associated with the item, much like Hoover vacuums or Kleenex tissues.

In that category I would include:

Gucci loafers
Hermes "scarf" ties
Loro Piana Horsey; maybe Roadster too.
Barbour Beaufort
Armani suit
Aquascutum and Burberry trenches
Rayban Wayfarers
Ralph Lauren Polos

That list is just off the top of my head, but in a way, that's probably a useful litmus test. I'm not endorsing all those items by the way (though most are excellent), just listing icons.
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LOVE those green Loden overcoats. I have one that is 20-some years old and a newer one; and a green Loden sportcoat. I think they're dressy enough to wear with a suit, and not so prissy that you can't wear them with jeans. And warm. And windproof. And darn-near waterproof.

Still, I don't know if they're Trad. Trad tends to be British and the American Atlantic seaboard states. I always think of Loden as Continental Europe. Especially Germany and Switzerland.

Dare it be uttered, no one has mentioned the Members Only jacket.

It was ubiquitous in the late 70's and early 80's. I still see it often on elderly men, and it made a comeback in leather in the last year or so.

I think it is hideous, but it can definately be called a modern classic.
Dale of Norway ski sweaters (check that last name!)
Alden LHS and Tassel Moccasin
LL Bean duck boots
The Hugo Boss black suit.
The BB #1 Rep stripe tie in burgundy and gold, the Argyle and Sutherland rep Tie...
The BB #1 Rep stripe tie in burgundy and gold, the Argyle and Sutherland rep Tie...
Funny thing. I read to the end of the thread with the intent of adding that particular BB #1 tie.
Shouldn't this be on the Trad forum?:icon_smile_wink:
New one for me: Spring Court tennis shoes
Hermes tie
Gucci loafers
Fishtail Parker
Clarks desert boot
Burberry trench
Mohair suit
Farah Slacks (60's-80's)
Doc Martens
Converse all stars
Fred perry polo
Ralph lauren polo
Lacoste polo

There's loads more though.
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Albert Thurston braces are essential.
We all strive to be a classic

  • tortise shell half frame reading glasses
  • Wayfarers
  • Parker duofolds
  • silver money clips
  • slik knot cuff links
  • alligator belts & tiffany buckles
  • simple tank watches
  • Adidas sambas
  • chukka boots
  • roper style western boots
  • cordovan penny loafers
  • tassled dress loafers
  • two tone saddles
  • tartan trews for the holidays
  • moleskins
  • silk trews
  • cuffed/pleated chinos
  • the blazer & flannels
  • beautiful blue suits for evening wear
  • shawl collar tux
  • white collar/double cuff on a bengal stripe (full clown mode..);)
  • pinpoint button downs
  • rugby shirts
  • Filson shirts
  • Sir Pendelton (esp. tartan) shirts
  • chambray work shirts
  • the G-9 or Barracutta Jacket
  • leather flight jackets
  • Burberry or Misty Harbour trench
  • blue/black camelhair top coats
  • fedoras
  • panamas
  • classic baseball caps
  • anything Black Watch
  • the confident fellow who is at ease with himself and world about him...:cool:
Be seeing you!
Pitt 84
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Pantofola d'Oro shoes: slippers of gold. Truly handmade in Italy.
Morning dress
White tie
Top hats
Solid stick umbrellas
Galosh button boots
I love this thread - I'd add Adidas track jackets and Onitsuka Tigers to the list.
Argyle socks.

Pale blue shirt. Navy tie.

White pocket hanky.
Adidas Stan Smiths. Is there any way to keep track of this list, I'm sure we're repeating ourselves here.
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