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Iconic Clothing

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What do you think are the iconic pieces of clothing? (Perhaps this should be in the trad forum, but I wasn't thinking only of trad clothing.) I'll start with a few:

Arnys Forestiere corduroy jacket
Brooks Brothers ocbd
Bill's khakis (althought they are a relatively new brand)
Avon Celli polo shirt

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Are you asking for Name brands that people wear or the style of clothing that remains timeless.

Brands have lasted. Ralph lauren polo shirts, Armani suits, Alden shoes but to me I look at the item itself, the one piece or pieces or clothing that will always be around. The classic Button down collared shirt, the polo shirt whether it is polo or lacoste, etc.. Blue pinstripe suit or gray pinstripe.. wingtip brogues, classic captoes...etc.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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