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Iconic Clothing

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What do you think are the iconic pieces of clothing? (Perhaps this should be in the trad forum, but I wasn't thinking only of trad clothing.) I'll start with a few:

Arnys Forestiere corduroy jacket
Brooks Brothers ocbd
Bill's khakis (althought they are a relatively new brand)
Avon Celli polo shirt

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Cordovan penny loafers , whether actual cordovan or in a cordovan color calf leather, at least as part of the southern lexicon.
I think cordovan penny loafers might be the improvement on the icon itself, the Bass Wejun. I'll add the Timberland handsewn (the one with the thick natural vibram lug sole) to the list.
Adidas Stan Smiths. Is there any way to keep track of this list, I'm sure we're repeating ourselves here.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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