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Ok, I purchased my first good suit, an Oxxford single button dark blue. I took it to a local tailor to get the pants hemmed and the jacket finished (the buttons had to be sewed onto the the sleeves).

I'll post pics of it once I get it back on Monday. I also picked up a very light blue Brandolini shirt with French cuffs and a point collar. I didn't find a tie I liked and I still need to get braces.

My question is what should I consider when looking for braces? the ones I saw all had brass adjusters, is this common or should I look for something else. The brass just seemed out of place with the suit and shirt.

Also, which set of numbers do I need from the Oxxford suit to find out more about it?

I picked up the suit for $600 and the shirt for $45.


PS I also purchased Andy's CD which should be arriving in the mail early next week.

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