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I should be shot

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I am currently commiting one of the cardinal sins - I am wearing a black belt with a pair of brown shoes .... and I just don't care because the shoes look so damn nice :)

Of course, I am going out to buy a brown belt at lunch though ... so only a half day of sinning!

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Hi all,

Well, that's the belt problem rectified - I am now sporting a new brown belt to match the shoes.

The shoes were a total bargain impulse buy that I happened to see on Amazon. They had 1 pair left at my size and at such a discount that I decided to take a chance on them fitting ( which they do). Result :icon_smile:

Not too sure about the whisky - too many bad experiences with that. I am finished work for the day and will have a nice large Martini in my hand within about 30 minutes :icon_smile_big:
Hey all,

This is the website for the creators of this shoe :

1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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