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Personally, I dress conservatively/"trad". Brooksease suits, plain front slacks, button downs only. However, I have had VERY little sleep last night, and am in a very "punchy" mood this am.

Since there have been strings on all kinds of trad ideas and feedback, (most recently a trad car string) can we get some trad ideas extended to the other topics? Eg: Trad underwear, trad razors, haircuts and quite possibly trad teeth? (I did see a string about teeth, and am wondering if you have your choice of new crownwork, what would be a really super trad shape and color for trad crowns. Could you imagine the look on the face of the prosthodontist when you request Ivy League crowns?)

Thanks in advance,
Joe God I hope this is at least a little humurous to some of you.......... Maybe I just need a nap..
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