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About a week ago I posted a note about what J.Press does wrong.

Here is something they do right: I was recently in Press because one of their Pressidential tweeds looked really really good in the catalog.

They didn't have that Pressidential tweed, but they did have a very similarly patterned (though different color palette) tweed in stock from their Presstige line.

They must have completely changed who makes their jackets -- the Presstige jacket (and I have two from Press from 2004-2005, one doeskin blazer and one black/white herringbone Harris tweed, both with awful, near-unwearable shoulders) was fantastic. Incredible. Fit perfectly. The shoulders were more natural than any lined/constructed RTW jacket I have seen in my life. I was so impressed. They are looking for the Pressidential tweed for me, unsure of whether it was in the catalog by mistake or whether it just hasn't come into stock yet.

If this is the was all Press's coats are this season, I might buy more than one.

P.S. The Press man I was speaking to noted that Henry White (of reversible overcoat fame) is out of business now (went out of business in 2006), and that's why they didn't carry the famous reversible last F/W. This seasons (still not in stock yet) is made by someone else..don't know who or which country of origin, as the things still aren't in stock (did I say that already?).

That is all.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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