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I bought them and a cowboy hat to use for stage costumes. This Wednesday, we're doing a Halloween Radio Play (centered around Superman, Tell-Tale Heart and Fall of the House of Usher scripts that were performed on the radio in the 40s.) I mostly play keyboards and sing while the audience is being seated and then do the little stings and scene music that comes up. (I improvise that. Also, occasionally I have speaking parts - - generally trained actors do most of the speaking.)

The radio plays consist of reading the play before a live audience and recording (and occasionally broadcasting) the plays. There is little if any stage action as the end result is intended to be an audio play.

Occasionally, I'll wear a fedora with a jacket and tie when we play - - especially if we are doing a vintage play like "War of the Worlds."

We are encouraged to wear black. For Halloween (and for some other performances I do) I will wear a black cowboy hat, a black and white bandanna (rolled and tied in a square knot) and a black winter type shirt.

I have not owned (or at least not been able to find a bandanna in my disoranized house) in a while. I used to use them a few times a year when I was in country bands. We'll see how it goes.

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My friend, the black hat you mention wearing during selected stage performances is something you have in common with Garth Brooks, George Strait, Tim McGraw and even Kenny Chesney. Sounds like you are enjoying your follow-on career endeavors! Have an enjoyable Halloween. ;)
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