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Has anyone tried their MTM? I am curious how flexible/accomodating it would be with respect to fit/styling. Obviously, not to the same level of bespoke but how 'customized' is the fit of their MTM to simply OTR? For example, could changes/accomodations be made for a low shoulder, fuller trouser, higher rise, armhole height, lapel width, button height,etc - low shoulder is probably the most imperative issue I confront with OTR

In my experiences with several different brands MTM, the level of fit adjustments varied greatly (from not much more than alterations to a RTW garment to pretty extensive modifications of the standard block to incorporate your own specifics).

The pricing of the Huntsman MTM is egregiously close to some other SR bespoke prices...but I find the Hunstman shape to be very distinctive and if there was a high level of fit flexibility on the MTM program....well, I would at least think about it.

what do you think?

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