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How to match scarf, gloves, hat, shoes

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what is the combo? match gloves to your shoes but your scarf to your coat?

i figure brown shoes goes best with brown gloves during the winter months.

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Hat to coat.
Gloves to coat.
Scarf to coat.
Shoe to what is under the coat.

To be just a little sexist, don't "womanize" this. You're not puting together an "outfit".
I disagree with the first section and agree with the second. Matching is less of a concern than coordinating. You really aren't putting together an "outfit" because it's not like a twinset... just make sure they look good together. Sometimes a little clash is good.
You are correct. I was trying for a quick post
let's try again
Hat complement Coat
Gloves complement Coat
Scarf complement Coat
Shoes complement what is worn under the hat coat and gloves.

matching would be a bad idea.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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