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How to get rid of musty smell?

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I have a sport coat that smells a bit musty from long-term storage. This afternoon I took it to a reputable local cleaner and was advised that dry cleaning wouldn't necessarily resolve the odor issue, but as we all know it could beat up the fabric. Any suggestions on how to make it smell fresher?
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Repeat after me-
I've seen the above garments after being hand & delicately laundered.
It's guaranteed ruin the interlinings & destroy the finish on the fabric.
You may simply need to send the garment to the landfill & avoid storing garments similarly in the future.
I'll spare myself from repeating your admonition as I agree with it completely. I suppose my "long-term storage" comment was a bit misleading as the coat actually spent its entire life (perhaps several decades) on a rack prior to my acquiring it unworn, but for practical purposes it could as easily have been in a closet. After speaking with the local dry cleaner I'm not going to take any action for now as the issue isn't significant enough to risk damage to the coat.
I have had very good success with activated charcoal. Comes in different formats and is made just for this purpose. Put it in a bag with the garment and seal it for a few days.
Is it necessary for the activated charcoal to make contact with the garment? If not, can it simply be placed in the bottom of a garment bag while the coat hangs inside?
No. It can go in the bottom of the gament bag.
Perfect, I'll try this. Thanks!
I had a thrifted jacket that defied all attempts at mustiness removal. Several dry-cleanings didn't do the trick. What did, however, with perfect results, was to fill a spray bottle with cheap vodka, spray down the jacket to just before dripping saturation, then hang it to dry in the sun.
The garment in question is an old-stock Oakloom cashmere from O'Connell's. I'm a bit leery of applying anything to the coat directly as it's irreplaceable, assuming you're serious of course.
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