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How to get rid of musty smell?

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I have a sport coat that smells a bit musty from long-term storage. This afternoon I took it to a reputable local cleaner and was advised that dry cleaning wouldn't necessarily resolve the odor issue, but as we all know it could beat up the fabric. Any suggestions on how to make it smell fresher?
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Try hanging it out in the fresh air for a few days. It almost always works for me. Good luck in the effort. ;)
This is excellent advice. First, though, do this:

Gently fold the jacket and place it into a large plastic garbage bag. Sprinkle a moderate amount of baking soda onto the jacket-enough to give the entire thing a light coating. Seal the bag and leave it alone for a few days.

Then take the bag outdoors, remove the jacket, and shake out all of the baking soda. Then hang it up outside.

Be patient. The musty odor might dissipate in a matter of days, but you might have to wait a couple of weeks. It will indeed go away, however.
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